Age-Defying Boomers

I’ve just written an article about the Aging Baby Boomer generation and how it is reshaping travel expectations from hotels revamping bathrooms to include safety rails to adventure experiences that will satiate the thirst that these globe-trotters-in-their-youth have, now that they have the time and means to travel more comfortably.

Here are some sobering thoughts ….

  • in North America, a boomer celebrates their 65th birthday every 7 to 11 seconds depending on which data you reference
  • By 2030, the number of people in North America over 50 years old will surpass those under 20
  • In 1950, women gave birth to an average of 5 children each. By 2000, the birth rate dropped to 2.65
  • 76% of peoples ages 57 to 65 use the Internet for accessing news and information
  • Consumer consumption tends to decline with age, with one exception – health care.

In essence, we’re taking about an unprecedented demographic transformation that’s creating a vast array of specialty products for tech savvy aging population. While marketers are turning to Gen X-ers and Y-ers, the Boomers are still a powerful force, especially as they’re coming into an abundance of disposable income and are active enough to enjoy it.

Take a look at what’s already visible on the horizon:

  • a heart-rate monitoring driver’s seat, hopefully to reduce the number of accidents and fatalities that occur as a result of heart attacks behind the wheel
  • healthcare systems that will provide people with self-help health and wellness information while driving such as how to manage chronic illnesses and disorders such as diabetes, asthma and allergies
  • luxury is being redefined; simplicity is replacing bigger is better — hence the plethora of boutique hotels and experiential vacations
  • since many boomer women haven’t saved enough for their retirement, watch for them to travel together, live together and bargain for better deals together.

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Travel writer Chris McBeath has worked aboard cruise ships, opened hotels, managed convention centers, marketed spas and spa resorts, and written guide books and travel articles on nearly every aspect of travel.
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