Oxygen Gives that Oscar Glow

Ever wondered how those fresh-faced celebs look, well, so fresh-faced after all the obligatory late-night ‘gold derby’ Oscar parties? You can bet your bottom dollar that oxygen’s involved.

Folks like Anne Hathaway and Sienna Miller all swear by oxygen facials before paparazzi-loaded, high-profile appearances.

These ‘wonder’ facials blast the skin with oxygen to cleanse pores and literally plump the skin with moisture, creating an instant dewy, youthful effect.

Treatments involved a thorough sonic exfoliation, a brightening serum containing hyaluronic acid and then an air-blasting wand that creates ‘pocket bubbles’ that deliver botanical brighteners and concentrated Vitamin C serums beyond mere topical application.

These facials don’t come cheap but if your face is your livelihood, there’s a sure investment.


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