Spa Beauty on the Run

It had to happen sooner or later.

Speedy spa services have been around for a while, as in 15-minute  shoulder massages or a 20-minute hair updo, but now they`ve become au courrant. It`s as if the exhaustive  range of relaxing treatments that make up a FULL spa experience have made the decision-making process so tiring that quick-service spas are entering the fray.  Each offers a limited range of very specific pre chosen looks and limited specialty services.

Quick Concepts

The concepts are geared to the point and click generation who need just point to a photo and say, “I’ll take that” and then get back to texting.

Examples include hair dry bars for a quick updo and restyle, without a scissor or sink to be seen, as well as braid bars.  Make up bars for a 15-minute freshen up that puts your face into up-to-date look with mineral colours that are are easy to choose as light & natural, sophisticated daytime, smoky nighttime eyes and film star glamour.  Nail art bars with perhaps a dozen custom-painted manicures.

There’s even a franchise of waxing centers offering Celebrity Brows where you can choose to have eyebrows like Vanessa Williams, Tyra Banks and a host of other celebs.

And dentists are taking note of the beauty opportunity ….. dental spas are drill free locales specializing in cleaning and whitening  alongside dental products such as whitening toothpaste and flavorful  flosses.


By keeping things fast and simple, costs are more affordable that having these services in a traditional spa or salon setting.  And while it can feel a bit like a hair factory or brow assembly line, the growing number of outlets seems to be proving that glamor on the run is something we can all start to schedule over a latte.


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Travel writer Chris McBeath has worked aboard cruise ships, opened hotels, managed convention centers, marketed spas and spa resorts, and written guide books and travel articles on nearly every aspect of travel.
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