Sunset Inn & Suites a REAL Vancouver find

Because I tend to blog when traveling, you might assume that life has been quieter these last couple of months. Until you realize that the last eight weeks have involved all the usual holiday paraphernalia and New Year celebrations. And now that we’re all ensconced into 2011, there’s a real sense of optimism in the air. Despite a still-shaky economy, poor job stats, rising air-fares, and weather-driven misery, horoscopes and intuitive forecasters seem determined to paint a much rosier picture.

So, going with the flow, I’ve started out my New Year in rediscovering hidden treasures of my home city: Vancouver.

Here one of my first finds right off the bat: Sunset Inn & Suites – an apartment style hotel that’s just like living as a resident whether you choose a studio or one-bedroom unit. Recent upgrades have made this modest hi-rise an amazing value-for-money place – very comfortable, spacious, well equipped small kitchens, a wee exercise room, Wi-Fi, a DVD library and even free parking — a big bonus in any city.

What really stands out is its hospitality. It honestly feels so much more friendly and genuine that the Big Hoteliers just down the road.

And you’ve got to love its central location. Restaurants and coffee houses are on your doorstep. Granville Island and the downtown shopping district are a stone’s throw away. Because of this, Sunset doesn’t have (or need) its own in-house restaurant which gets it listed as a 3.5 star property but trust me, this under-the-radar place offers 5-star service.

Once discovered, it’s the kind of place that will become your home away from home for every visit to Vancouver.

Now THAT’S a bona fide Vancouver greatest getaway!


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