Crop Circles – Seeing is Disbelieving

It was one of those splurges ….. a once-in-a-lifetime treat to share with my octogenarian mum who has always shared my fascination for all things intriguing.


And it can’t get much better than chasing down the mystery of crop circles because they’re tangible, inexplicable, beautiful and full of so many mathematical equations, their beauty is truly more than wheat-deep.


Lucy Pringle is one of the UK’s aficionados, having watched them blossom for decades in and around Wiltshire, and further afield.   Indeed, Lucy’s annual crop circle calendars are a testament to their extraordinary evolution as much as a testament to her magnificent photography which documents circles from the early days when, you may recall, a few ol’ codgers insisted they had created them by walking on flat boards.

Yeah, right!

But field-impressions have evolved today to absolutely amazing designs that appear within hours like some David Copperfield illusion.


But these are no illusion.  And with every passing year, they become more intricate lest we mere mortals lose interest and stop seeing them for whatever they’re trying to convey.


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