Chilling Out in Las Vegas Ice Bar

When the heat is on, either in the casino or outside under the desert sun, find cold comfort at Minus 5, the newest ice bar on the strip. It gets its name for the bar’s constant frosty temperature.

Everything inside this ice-haven is made from 100 percent pure Canadian ice though I`m still puzzling on that one. Do they ship water down via truck? Pipeline? In plastic 2 liter bottles and then freeze this precious commodity?  Or do they have dibs on some arctic iceberg?

Anyhow, it’s a claim that’s turned Canadian ice into walls, an ornamental serving bar, the back bar that stores rows of bottles, mostly vodka, as well as tables, benches and numerous sculptures including  penguins, polar bears and my favorite – a woman`s torso that dispenses iced vodka from her nipples.  Even the glasses to sup same vodka are of ice.

Carvings change out the decor every 6-8 weeks, so the entire bar morphs into something more  cool than the its predecessors which have included carvings of Elvis and Mount Rushmore. The LED light show is pretty nICE, too.

A traditional package is around $30 and includes the use of gloves, boots, a parka, and a cocktail.  My advice is to spend the extra $20 for the use of thick, white fur coats, and a take-home souvenir muffler hat, and a couple of cocktails, in ice, on ice, and surrounded by ice!                                          

Incidentally, it’s so darn cold that electronics are not allowed inside lest they freeze their parts, though methinks it might also have something to do with the more expensive package that includes photos.

 But what they heck, this is Vegas — on ice!

You’ll find ice bars at the Mandalay and Monte Carlo hotels.

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